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On this page you will find a rich tapestry of diversions, details of our activities, views, amusements and regularly updated musings and topics together with things that will hopefully engage you.
A sort of "E" Pandora's Box giving you an insight into our world.

Come back regularly and enjoy.......


16th March 2014

Very smug that I've sold this picture to a buyer in Amsterdam. ....Tulip Time!  - these beauties were actually grown in Yorkshire last year.

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15th March 2014

I was so pleased with the photographs from the Snowdrop Spectacular at Burton Agnes that we decided to go to Farndale on Friday with all the gear for some really good wild daffodil photos.

Everything went according to plan - nice spring morning and the daffs in the garden  out so I was sure it would be good if maybe a bit crowded!
Wrong ....too early...yes we were too early - and there was only the odd flower bud showing. The National Park Ranger was just putting the car park signs out in anticipation. He was so helpful ( he even ran us up so I only had to do half the walk back to the car) we went on the walk anyway and we can recommend the local pub and the Daffy Caffy. We did take some photos but will need to go back for daffodils!!

Here is a Spring catkins picture I'm pleased with! Watch out for daffs in next couple of weeks.

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13th March 2014


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The sow was irritated by the piglets feeding and kept striking out at them, the one at the back suddenly appeared from behind her and seems to be flying!


23rd Feb 2014

We had a lovely visit to Burton Agnes Hall on 21.2.14 with a walk in the woods. They call it Snowdrop spectacular and it certainly was. In addition nice cafe and good disabled access. I've added some snowdrop pictures to my shutterstock portfolio and was very pleased with this one!

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11th Feb 2014

In Leeds today, I'm so glad I don't have to commute every day, I normally love going on the train anywhere but standing all the way to Leeds at 8:00am isn't my idea of fun - and the car is no better!

I'm getting used to the "brush off" with which I was so grateful my secretary used to protect me - "he's in a meeting", "We can't find the email" etc  - It's not so much fun from the other side I can assure you. It's also frustrating because I'm not trying to sell anything but actually give money away and it's still difficult to get to the decision makers!

However, had my first successful school management meeting today which I think will  bear fruit with a number of schools. Count that as a success!


8th Feb 2014

At last! I've been waiting ages for the tide and high winds to be right for a trip to the coast to try and take some surf pictures. They're not exactly Cornish coast size but I'm pleased with the result

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5th Feb 2014

We went out to try and  get some flood pictures in York, without much success but just as we were loading the car I saw this image of the moon


1st Feb 2014

We were delighted and amused that the copyright to one of our pictures of Jean had been bought by Fly Buzz to illustrate a light-hearted article on Mothers of the bride.